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The announcer, proclaimer and heralder of news, takes stage or pedestal and cries out “Here ye, here ye!” and so starts an amazing night.

For your event, our announcer, with his deep baritone voice bellows out each guest’s arrival at your reception, the qualities of the evening’s Host and Hostess in entertaining and humoristic banter with all invited. Sharing his observations aloud of guest’s virtues and vices and remarking on their resemblances to celebrities of TV, Movie, Sport and politics.

Met with roars of laughter, mocking and jesting your guests will be primed for the night of festivities!

The announcer will dress accordingly to the style of the evening and what costume will make your night a remarkable one. From the decadence of a baroque courtier dressed in golden and multi coloured tails to classic tuxedo, white gloves and top hat, our announcer is a master of decorum and disguise.

The rest of the evening is also his demesne, with charm and wit he can keep the guests animated and entertained throughout the night. He has the ability to adapt and unite all guests, in the fun of the night.