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A reception of Paris monuments await you with an elegant Eiffel Tower, a kiosk inhabited by a cheeky sprite, a Guimard metro on stilts and street signs more animated that you could ever have of expected.

Let these monuments and signs hilariously mark the way for your guests. While the illuminated metro signs on stilts amble through the crowd with no direction at all.

The kiosk clowns about, mimicking the gestures of the guests until discovered and then recoils into his costume as a hermit crab to his shell. Until he is spotted again he waits pretending to be a sentry to the nights festivities and then at the first chance, off he dashes to continue his foolery and mayhem.

The Eiffel Tower on the other hand does as little as possible to help or entertain the guest. As her stature suggests she is far above the other mortals and quite frankly a bit of a snob. Tall and elegant scintillating in the night, she is adorned with gold for this grand occasion.

  • Possible options for personalising this event :
  • Place your own posters on the kiosks
  • Change the names of the road to your own signage
  • Let the metro hand out leaflets, promotional material of presents
  • A electronic sign can be placed on the Eiffel Tower as it was for 2000, with your own message or place a flag with your logo on top.