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Violin Passion  

A expression of violin as you’ve never seen before !

This virtuoso of violin started at the tender age of 6 years old. After receiving a series of degrees in music and accompanying the greats (Johnny Hallyday, Francis Cabrel, Lara Fabian, Pascal Obispo, Catherine Lara...), she has become an orchestra conductor, composer and violin maestro.

So it is only natural that she create, her own show. Inspired by Slavic rhythms, she imagined a musical concept of tradition and modernity fused with the most beautiful of gypsy melodies. When this virtuoso plays the famous eastern airs of “Kazatchok” and “Kalinka”  followed by Dalida’s “Temps des Fleurs”, no words are necessary, the violin does the talking !

Solo or amongst other violinists she keeps the audience in a whirlwind of rhythm and energy.

Her beauty, charisma and charm is only matched by that of her music!