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Four elegant female virtuosos
make up The Lady’s Chamber Quartet. Founded in 1996, the string quartet brought these musical young ladies of high calibre and all members of the Ile-de-France Philharmonic together.

They play with marvellous skill, contrasting the classical with their ability to interpret jazz standards, among a truly extensive repertoire that would delight any audience.

Adapting their selection and costumes for each event or evening, they tailor make the programme according to your needs and your aspirations for the event:
  • The great classics like Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”, Pachelbel’s “Canon” and Bach’s “Violin concerto” while dressed in 17th century baroque style complete with powder wigs and beauty spots.

  • The French classics of Debussy’s “Arabesque” and Ravel’s “Sleeping Beauty” are but a few of the French composers in their repertoire.

  • Classical soundtracks of “An American in Paris”, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “West Side Story”.

  • And all jazz standards from “The Pink Panther” to “Caravan”.

  • From solo to quintet, these amazing ladies, with their talented and impassioned recitals, will transform any reception to the level it deserves.