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The mind reader of tradition is a person who can read the thoughts of others, foresee future events, control the paranormal and are gifted with the power of telepathy.

There are no tricks or sleight of hand members of the audience only think of images, drawings or playing cards – it is the mind reader who reads their thoughts. He can see premonitions of events and people only the guests are aware of putting shivers down their spines. And remember all these people he has only met tonight, for the first time!

Some highlights of the show :

X Ray Vision
A guest securely blindfolds the mind reader with tape. Unable to see anything he describes perfectly drawings done by members of the audience. Finally, still blindfolded he reproduces the last picture drawn exactly.

Telephone Directory
Ten guests are invited on stage while another guest inspects a perfectly normal telephone directory, free to choose any page and telephone number. He then shots his choice out loud and one by one the guests on stage turn their hands to reveal the same number written down.

Mental Sudoku
A guest thinks of a two digit number. The mind reader draws on a large board a square with 16 boxes, he writes a different number in each box.  When the numbers are added up in any direction they amount to the number the guest had thought of at the beginning of the illusion!

Book Test
The audience examines a book and chooses many words that have been revealed by the mind reader, under impossible conditions. No notes have been passed or a word said to the audience. The mind reader writes his prediction, he lets a guest who never touched the book pick the last word. It matches the word he had predicted minutes before.

The Kiwi
A kiwi appears in the hand of the mind reader, it is shown, examined and signed by an audience member. Then a 20 euro note is signed by its owner, its serial number noted and a corner ripped. The note disappears and is later found inside the kiwi. The note is then magically ripped up and two 10 euro notes appear at the finger tips of the mind reader.