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A surprisingly interactive entertainment for all your guests and events !

Imagine your photography displayed in real time :

Your event covered by a digital photo report, offering immediate and continuous display of your pictures on an interactive console. Photography scroll permanently on this multimedia terminal.
You can print immediately the picture of your choice (professional quality) by selecting it with a simple pressure of your finger on the touch screen.

At any moment, you can come back to the picture of your choice without waiting for the end of the scrolling.

The photographer covers the whole event without any constraint as he does not need to be attached to the terminal.
Image your photography displayed at the moment of your choice :
A factory visit, a sport event, a tourist visit, a jaunt in the nature. The photographer covers the whole event with a digital photo report and saves the pictures.
At the location and the moment of your choice, you can offer the display and printing immediately of the whole content of the report on our interactive console.
You can add pictures of this new event in real time to the terminal.
Dress the booth with your company’s branding and logos or place your logo or message on the photos as they come from the booth. Colour co-ordinate the colour scheme to reflect your events décor and styling.