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Costumed photographs and portraits of individuals, groups and staff developed within seconds.

Our special costumes are designed to fit over you normal clothes and do away with the inconvenience of changing rooms.

Different themed and period costumes available :

  • Belle Époque : A perfect accompaniment to “Paris 1900” themed night.

  • Seventies : ideal with our theme “Disco Night Fever”.

  • Prohibition : Add to “The Cotton Club” event and make it a special one.

  • At the court of Sun King in Versailles Palace
  • Haunted Manor House
  • James Bond

It only takes two minutes to dress-up, compose the shot, get them in the viewfinder and shoot !  A few minutes later, you can collect you large format picture in colour or sepia for the authentic 1900 look.

Our professional team of photographer and hostess take you into their capable hands to dress you up and transform you for these pictures. The large backdrop (2m x 2.5m) is non-intrusive and can be placed anywhere.

Personalise these pictures with a custom backdrop, costumes or you company’s logo !