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Royal Extravaganza
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You only dream, of an unforgettable banquet as this fiery feast of decadence.
A dignified evening with the extravagant atmosphere of the feasts and banquets found only at The Sun King’s Palace of Versailles of the 17th century.

This regal extravaganza combines skilfully; baroque dance, music, song and magic. An original gilded concoction of entertainment, bringing you Cabaret, music hall, circus and opera simultaneously.

Successions of surprising unforgettable performers leave no sense untouched as you meet the decadent characters, courtiers and royalty of the baroque court. Evolving through the ages to more contemporary and modern creatures of mystery and dexterity. Enchanting every guest into a magical world of powdered wigs, lace and electro lounge.

His Royal Highness, the master of ceremonies, announces your arrival and that of your invitees with pomp and ceremony. His three Countesses with thousands of sovereigns and crowns, reward your passion to gamble, play and risk all, as the ancient games of kings circulate at the reception. Our clairvoyant, Mysterious reveals his premonitions and visions of the future during the aperitifs leaving some guests unsettled.

A Chamber Quartet accompanies the feast with the baroque music of the period; magician Roy Mage amazes the audience with his feats and illusions assisted by the interpreted dances of the beautiful Countesses. Reflected in the lights and gilded halls of mirrors, the arrival of the incredible Castra Diva accompanied by her team of toy poodles in a trilling cantata of jubilation. Enlightening everybody with her gigantic presence, the secrets of “Fan Language” and the placing of “beauty spots”.

The climax of this banquet, an animated auction hosted by our announcer and his royal highness offering up a royal shower of prizes, presents and surprises to be bid upon by the guests with those sovereigns and crowns, won earlier in the night.

Let yourself be taken away to the royal court and the extravagant !