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“This feast, you are not going to forget in a hurry”, bellows the announcer, on arrival at the reception of this sumptuous event in his deep baritone voice and dressed in the decadence of a 17th century courtier. Mocking and jesting with each guest that arrives proclaiming their virtues and vices and remarking on their resemblances to celebrities of TV, Movie, Sport and politics.

Welcomed with bursts of laughter and joviality your guests will be already primed for an incredible wacky evening of mayhem.

Bubbles on stilts and Champagne Angel !

The gracious elegance of this stilt walker, shadowed by her assistant on roller skates, circulate together criss-crossing the reception area filling the empty glasses of the revellers with champagne. The Golden liquid that flows from her fingers is elegantly stored in crystal balls about her person.

Pumpkin chefs, carrot butlers, mimes and waiters

Tradition and mockery meet to make this a completely insane dinning experience. The carrot butlers and cooks open the doors to this epicurean extravaganza and lead the quests to their tables while the mad waiters offer a bizarre and parallel service to reality.

At the table the whole world is turned upside down as the frantic vegetables and waiters serve the courses and are overly touchy when remarks are made of their cuisine and unorthodox behaviour.

A welcoming pinch of laughter, a few tablespoons of vegetable service, three pumpkin cooks and ladles and ladles of fun and frolics, simmered and served up to make this delectable fantasy feast.  Each course spiced up and dressed with dance, performance and songs about food.

The Baroness Robarbapapa…
At dessert or when dancing begins, appears the royal fun of the fair, her highness the Baroness Robarbapapa. She invites you to eat as much as you wish from her dress and petticoats of edible candyfloss till you leave her in her bloomers and slightly embarrassed.