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Thirty years on and the 70’s are back!

The venue kitted out in style of the ‘Saturday Night Fever’ disco. Mirror balls spin reflecting the pulsating and flashing multi coloured strobes and spots of the room, glimmering silver curtains a glowing dance floor make you ready to dance the night away.

On stage behind a wall of lights and sequins, singers, dancers and musicians bring you  the biggest disco stars of the 70’s. Singing the hits of the Bee Gees, Abba, Sheila, Dalida, Donna Summer and of course Claude Francois and no disco would be complete without the Village People, live on stage.

A hot scintillating party reflected in the disco ball and warmth of nostalgia.

Our guest star for the evening is Dalida, the undeniable queen of French disco and kitsch. This sexy blonde impersonator sings hits of disco and TV, from “Monday Tuesday”, “Besame Mucho” and the disco anthem “Gigi in Paradisco”.

Introduce some interactivity between courses with our 70’s pop quiz. An interactive photo-montage makes you become John Travolta or any other one of your disco fantasies. Create and cut a 45 rpm single sleeve and become the disco king for the night!

We offer a complete wardrobe of costumes and extras so everyone can dress in 70’s attire with flairs, afro wigs and platforms, changing personas and turning this night into the disco of discos.