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The height of taste, our lyrical dining experience offers a night like no other.

As each guest arrives our singer-server bursts into an operatic aria while she accompanies them with her beautiful soprano voice and grace to their places, at the start of this amazing evening. Shortly afterwards the white gloved Alfredo delivers his deep tenor chorus. Your guests may well be surprised, but this is just the start of this gourmet operatic event and a tiny taste of what is to come.

Our performers not only take you through each course musically and serve up the most delightful of dishes, but, throughout the dinner serenade you with their charm. Moving from duos, solos and choruses these performers interact with the audience and sing from a repertoire of the most beautiful of arias, accompanied by our virtuoso pianist.

The evening’s programme of Verdi, Rossini, Mozart, Puccini, Satie and Offenbach’s operettas guarantee a classical evening of luxury.

These waiter soprano and baritones (all professional singers) offer the most intimate of musical experiences. A truly genuine meeting of high art, performer and audience

Invite Rigeletto, Carmen or Figaro to your table!