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Montmartre and the bustling Place du Tertre, its winding alleyways, brasserie fronts, café terraces, cobbled stoned squares with fountains become the stage and backdrop to this event with all the excitement and revelry of Bastille Day’s Night festivities.

The paper seller accordionist, the shoeshine at the corner, the caricaturist scribbling down portraits and the organ grinder turning his music all portray the old Paris of the expressionists. The spirit of the Belle Époque lives on for the duration of this evening

Under the multi coloured tea-lights by the kiosk in the old town square an orchestra invites you to the villages’ grand summer ball with all the traditional rhythms of the java and minute waltzes.

Our Cancan dancers frenzied criss-crossing and high kicking dances awake the spirit of Manet, Gauguin, Sarah Bernhardt, Toulouse Lautrec, the birth of the Moulin Rouge and the enduring image of Paris - world capital of parties and pleasure.