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Come with us back to the swinging sixties with table soccer, pinball and pool, sixties show bands and a Beatles tribute band.

Demonstrations of the twist, Madison, hula-hoop, mash potato and a jive competition make the dancing central to the audience participation.

An Elvis impersonator jives on stage set with neon lights, 60’s posters, jukeboxes, a pink Cadillac and Harley Davidson.

The audience swing and twist, while the performers play games and quizzes and end with the Swinging Sixties dance party competition on the illuminated dance floor.

It’s all under one roof at the Golf Drouot, there find Johnny, Sylvie, Sheila, Dalida, Claude Francois, Bill Haley, Elvis and all the other kings and queens of rock’n’roll.

The time of the Yeyes is back and waiting to be rediscovered by you.