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Delight in the pleasures and opulence at the court of Versailles. We take you and your guests inside the palace under the reign of Louis XIV and recreate the decadence and luxury of the banquets and wild parties of old.

Discover for yourself the refinement, elegance and beauty of palace life during the 17th and 18th centuries.

You are received with a royal fanfare of trumpets fitting a noble, courtiers bustle around interacting with the guests bowing and curtsying with banter and jest. A baroque quartet plays minuets on period instruments during aperitifs and throughout the evening.

During the banquet the arrival of each course is heralded by trumpets, while two men through down their gloves and dual with swords in the style of the musketeers, defending the honour of the Queen.

Bewigged courtesans pass from table to table with tricks and games and quietly divulging the secrets of “Fan Language” and the placing of “beauty spots”. Which were languages of lovers of the period.

The grand finale a spectacular fireworks display fitting of the terraced gardens of Versailles and the Sun King himself!