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Get a Taste to play this game, as the casinos of the world are changed to all things wine.

Different, simple and original games appeal to the palate and the memory alike. Presented by real sommelier-croupiers to teach and inform with play the diverse cellars and tastes of French wines. A pleasurable adventure of discovery as you gamble the full bodied with the dry and pinot noirs with sauvignons.

>> The game table “Aromas of Wine” teaches the guests to discern and find the slight hints and fragrances contained within wines, comparing them to sniffs from a selection of bottled essences and letting players put their money where their mouth is!

>>“Wine Tasting of The World” helps the guest distinguish between the different appellations of France and the World, pinpointing their regions and origins with a mere drop of wine.

>>“The Table of Colours”. Red, White or Rosé ? Will.  Will you be able to recognize the right combination of wine colors masked in black opaque glasses ? The winning average is 2:8! Amazing! !

The guests provided with casino chips can gamble, bet and play on all our interactive wine games to take the house and spend their winnings at the grand finale mystery auction. The lots up for grabs are linked to wine and the evening’s experiences.

A discovery of great wines, sensory exaltation, adrenaline highs, jackpots and a convivial atmosphere are guaranteed !