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The venue for your evening will be masterfully transformed to all things cinema (posters, silhouettes of the stars, clapper boards, film reels etc) with the help of props, sets and costume.

After a red carpet movie star reception, paparazzi and no-bodyguards, pass through the doors to discover all facets of the silver screen. An enormous array of entertainers and performers await you with cinema in song, music and dance, quizzes and interactive workshops.

A singer and orchestra play blockbuster soundtracks as you explore this studio experience; on stage dancers play superheroes and cult stars of TV and the big screen. Hollywood immortals Marilyn Monroe and Elvis come back to life to sing and entertain you with their seductive appeal. Our wild Gospel Choir, sing hits from the movie “Sister Act” and complete this tinsel town extravaganza.

The “Star is You !photo montage lets you become your idol and star for a night, providing a memorable souvenir of this fabulous evening.

Finally as the night progresses, a DJ will play Saturday Night Fever and the funkiest soundtracks in Hollywood until its time to step down from the silver screen.