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A tour of the world in dance !

This interactive performance will automatically create a superb atmosphere and have everybody dancing in no time at all. Your guests will become the dancers and the audience, encouraged and instructed by our own fevered dance professionals and musicians.

Shown and initiated into the heat of this evening of dancing and rhythm by our master of ceremonies, exclaiming every dance style with a change of costume.

Successfully teaching active dances (Tango, Waltz, Paso Doble....), dances from the swinging sixties (twist, Rock, Madison, Hula Hoop), exotic dances (Zouk, Meringue, Gwoka, Biguine, salsa), oriental and bollywood dances to modern dances hip hop and body popping.

Let your guests discover the universe of dance through the help of The World Champions and improve with the instruction and choreography offered by our instructors, step by step!

A great atmosphere created by both guest and performers produce a festival of rhythm and dance never to be forgotten!