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Enter the universe of reality celebrity talent shows and bring it right to the centre of your business, giving your guests and colleagues the chance to become the contestants and stars of their very own show, like “Novella Star” and “Grained de Star”.

Develop everyone’s latent musical talents and unite your employees with a unique evening of fun and team building. Give them the chance to express and live out their superstar fantasies while burning up the stage with their dormant talents, accompanied by our back-up musicians and stage dancers.

After unearthing their artist’s soul the contestants will get personal coaching from the industry professionals; Singing teachers, choreographers, stylists, make-up artists and hair dressers. Finally a professional performance fitting to air on TV will be staged with professional sound and lighting.

This big show grand finale, under the heat of the spotlights will be filmed as the contestants perform their song for their colleagues live on stage. The audience will vote on the winning act and the winner will be crowned ‘Star for a Night’!

A memorable night, for the winner, contestants and audience alike !