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A successful event is one of quality and meticulous planning, but also appropriate lighting, set design and props add to a spectacular evening of entertainment.

. A thematic décor from our selection of environments will recreate an authentic atmosphere in harmony with your evening’s entertainment and specific expectations. For example: The old Paris (for an evening of Cabaret, Cancan or Paris 1900), the first class deck of a cruise ship (for are Luxury World Cruise show), Hollywood studios (for a night at the movies), Bedouin Tents (Arabian Nights), a Caribbean beach (for a night in the tropics), Gardens & Nature (for a Zen nirvana) and a designer lounge (for a chic and stylish night).

It is decoration and creativity that produce our unique sets and environments. A reception room transformed into a Spanish patio, a stage dressed to look like a palace terrace, a backdrop of Moorish architecture, a wall of images for a fashion show or spaces artistically divided to create different areas. Our craftsmen and professionals rise to the challenge.

. Modern and luminous buffets set off exquisite presentations of gourmet food. Self-service bars, branded and gilded buffets, all will glamorously dress any reception room or corporate event.

. Light installations that illuminate spaces and monuments. Spotlight facades or create subdued soft-lit rooms. Incorporate magical and mysterious lighting effects sometimes psychedelic, sometimes wild into your next event and take your guests to a different world.

. Personalised wall projections, coloured and luminous, move automatically across the walls and ceilings. Used to project a product, brand or the names of newly weds this technique is effective in getting your message across to your guests.
. A luminous dance floor, for a late night of colours and disco with “Saturday Night Fever” flair makes the centrepiece of any stylish evening and a beacon for dancers the world over !